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Natural Baby Powders

Our pure and chemical free baby powder will absorb excess moisture and soothe irritated skin. Use as you would any baby powder. Pour it gently into your hand, taking care not to shake it excessively into the air. Then smooth it over your baby.

For use as a rash paste/poultice, pour some powder onto wet hands and work into a paste to apply to affected area.
What you will not find in our powders: Our powder is talc-free as studies have associated talc with some cancers. It is grain free, as some grain starches can cause reactions due to sensitivities, and others (ie corn starch) have been observed to feed candida (yeast) rashes.

What you will find in our powders:

Kaolin Clay has been shown to inhibit many types of inflammation such as that associated with eczema and yeast rashes as well. We source ours domestically and it is tested to be free of any lead.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in a natural deodorant, and inhibits microbial growth. We use just a pinch as too much can cause irritation.

Arrowroot powder was once widely used in baby formulas as a superior carbohydrate, experience having shown it agreed with babies better than any other starch or sugar. We now know that it is the only starch product with a calcium ash. In this regard, the calcium chloride, in the form of calcium found in arrowroot starch, is very important for the maintenance of proper acid and alkali balances in the human body, and it follows, on the skin.

Plantain leaf is a wonderful herb that is widely used to reduce the sting and inflammation associated with any skin irritation. We give careful consideration to every ingredient in all of our formulations, and it shows in the performance of our products. We love to use them in our home, and we hope you love to use them in yours.

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