lice!! superlice!! eeeew!!!

lice!! superlice!! eeeew!!!

Spoiler alert! This post is about lice, which are gross. As a mother of 4, I have indeed encountered many very gross things, but few are more gross than lice. One thing more gross than lice though, is the over the counter neurotoxic chemical lice treatments that are sold in most pharmacies. If you are a sensitive person like I am, (or maybe like any child whose neurological system is still developing) and have had lice a time or two, you know, that the way you feel after using that stuff is something to be avoided. Also, it is all over the internet, that there are now resistant lice or superlice. This new type of, um, louse, is not killed by the usual run of the mill neurotoxin. Oh, no this one is stronger.
So we have two choices, we use stronger chemicals and re-enact the arms race in an effort to kill the critters, or we go the old fashioned route.

“This hippy crunchy yoga kale muncher AP mom wants me to just leave my kids’ hair full of bugs in the name of organic world granola balance?” You exclaim?!.
Well my answer to you, is “Hell no! Get rid of those nasty bugs and do it quick!”
With all this resistant lice appearing, it is good to know that the natural or “alternative” treatments for lice, are still equally effective on these new lice, because they rely mostly on physical, mechanical methods rather than attempting the standard strategy of poisoning the bugs to death.

Sometimes being a crunchy hippy mom, you get to say “I told you so, and then give some very useful advice. When these times come, forgive me, but I enjoy it. And today, you too will benefit from my eat more kale t-shirt wearingness.
Here is my highly effective lice treatment strategy that I have developed over my years of formal biology focused education, many hours of internet searching, consulting with experts and then personal experience.

What you will need:

1 Time and patience, there is no way around this. Perhaps a good book or device of some sort to keep your child distracted and not moving.

2 A good lice comb, and you need to use it alot. Here is a link to the one I have found effective. The regular store ones don’t work, I don’t know why they sell them.

2 Apple cider vinegar (ACV from here on). No, I am not a no poo, just wash your hair with ACV advocate, but it does kill lice and possibly the eggs, so it is a useful tool in this situation.

3 In the case of long hair, you need a good silky conditioner to help with combing without pulling.

4 Crisco. Yup, I said Crisco, not coconut oil or mango butter or salve or colostrum. Crisco. *This is the only time I will ever recommend this product for any use ever. It works because it stays put, doesn’t drip around like every other butter I have ever tried, and is thick enough to suffocate the buggers.

5 Dish soap.

6 A head covering you can sleep in and don’t care if it gets ruined. A thick cotton beret, a shower cap, whatever.

7 A pillow case in the same category. It could get Crisco stains on it.

Ok, here is what to do.

1 Check for lice/eggs. Even if I just see little red bumps around the base of the neck or around the ears or the crown of the head, I do a treatment. Why wait till it gets really bad.

2 Wash bedding. I like to put the pillows just in the dryer, the washer ruins them.
3 Soak brushes in ACV. Remember, the dryer heat is what really kills them.

3 Wet hair, saturate in ACV, let sit for about 10 minutes, but even just a few minutes can do the job. Depending on the kids and their, um, compliance level, leave it in as long as you can. Do NOT let it get in their eyes. It hurts very badly. Rinse out.

4 Saturate in conditioner and use the lice comb. Start from one side and go all the way across the head. Make sure you get all peripheral areas like behind ears and base of neck. Rinse out.

5 Blow dry air.

6 Saturate hair in Crisco, paying special attention to the roots. Think hair dye. Thats how thorough it should be in the hair. Saturated. Put hair in a hair band or rubber band or something to keep it up. Cover hair. Leave on overnight and as long as possible after that. Wash it out. Our shampoo hasn’t been strong enough, we have had to use dish soap.

7 Comb thoroughly with lice comb, I like to use salve to help get the comb through (see #8)

8 I like to rub some of my All Purpose Salve into the roots before combing and then put the hair up into a tight braid for the day. I use do this for two reasons. Firstly, lice like clean and not oily hair, it is easier to bind eggs to so keeping roots oiled is a good idea. Second, because this salve has essential oils rosemary, tea tree, and cedar leaf that lice don’t like. You can really use any solid oil at room temperature oil with these essential oils though. Using a liquid oil is too irritating and causes the kids to scratch. This is not what we want. When there is broken skin, there is risk of infection so itching is the enemy. Also, the ACV can sting broken skin.

After this treatment, I comb daily for a week with conditioner. Twice daily if possible.
I also repeat this treatment a week later, and depending how grossed out I am, possibly two weeks later.
I also change pillow cases a lot more often, and soak brushes in ACV weekly.

Even after you treat effectively, sometimes irritation and itchiness can persist to a few days while the scalp heals. Sometimes it is worth asking a school nurse or doing a google search to find a professional lice checker with a magnifier and a good light to confirm that you got them all. I found one locally who charged $15 to just do a good check.

p.s. When ever I hear that lice is going around, which it tends to do about twice a year, I salve or oil my kids hair, and keep it up. I also just comb weekly with conditioner during these times, as a preventative.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Ok fine, it was. What can I say, lice are gross and horrible, but as least your kids’ neurons and synapses are unharmed and your home is now nit free. Congratulations and your welcome.

Make Tea Not War

I love autumn but I hate all the warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold confusion. It just wreaks havoc on our immune systems in this house. We have one kid with a cough, one kid with the sniffles, one who is exhausted and one who is, well he is a teenager. Finally today I declared war on seasonal change! And by war I mean I made tea. Here is what I made.
All quantities are eyeball estimates of volume and not weight. The highly complex reason for this is that I am a busy woman and eyeballing is just fine for this. Don’t judge my imprecision! How much measuring do you do when you make tea?

2 oz broken up cinnamon sticks
6 oz hibiscus flowers
4 oz elderberry flowers
4 oz rosehip

Dump it all into a quart size mason jar and shake till well mixed. It will be about half empty. You can add more herbs to fill it if you want, I just like having space to easily blend.
Scoop about an ounce into a quart size mason jar, add boiling water to fill.
Allow to steep until some child comes in complaining or coughing or asking for a tissue.
This may be 8 minutes or 8 hours, both are fine. One is stronger than the other but both have major benefit.
Strain out the infusion. Add water if it is too strong. And raw local honey if you must get it sweetened in order to attain .. compliance, as they call it. It should be yummy so they chug it and ask for more, but too much sugar (yes even honey counts) is not good for the immune system. You know your audience, make your decision for them.
I also sometimes add a cup of the strong (~ 8 hour) infusion to a pitcher of water and put it on the table for dinner, it is always gone by the end of the meal.
Enjoy! Be well!

How to Make Green Eggs That Your Kids Will Love

Last week my childrenʼs school celebrated Dr. Seussʼs birthday. In the kindergarten class they made green eggs by mixing spinach with eggs. My 5 year old who had been refusing eggs for months came home asking for green eggs. I wasnʼt there when they made it at school so I winged it.

I filled the container with fresh spinach and then added 3 eggs. I use organic extra large. I then sczoozced them together.

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (6)

photo 2 (5)photo 1 (6)

I heated my trusty cast iron frying pan, added a pat of good quality butter, spread it around the pan and added the green mixture and cooked it just like regular scrambled eggs.

I called it “green eggs in a pan” … get it? Green Eggs and Ham… green eggs in a pan…? My 5 year old didnʼt get it either, she said “No! Itʼs just called green eggs!” Ok, we can call it whatever you want.

Served it with tomato salsa and a size of frozen cherries.

Why frozen cherries? She wanted frozen cherries, what can I say.

This was a super easy way to get some protein, iron, B vitamins, and fiber into my kid with a bout 5 minutes of cooking time. My kind of instant gratification.

photo 3 (2) Green Eggs

Alternatives to Steroids for Eczema in Kids & Adults

Natural Eczema Treatment

Anyone with eczema can testify to the quick speed with which most doctors are ready to dispense prescriptions for steroid creams. However, an increasing number of people are turning a skeptical eye towards this conventional approach to treatment and questioning steroids’ safety. These creams are absorbed into the body through the skin. There are strict maximums on steroid dosages due to potential side effects, which children are particularly prone to. Although regarded by many as a benign medication, steroid creams can actually cause growth restriction for children, thinning of the skin, depigmentation, contact dermatitis, stretchmarks, and more. Although there are cases where eczema requires medical treatment, there are safer alternatives to steroid creams that can be tried first.

The first “treatment” to try for eczema is not a treatment at all but rather prevention via the identification of eczema triggers. Take a look at what some factors might be in causing the appearance or worsening of eczema. This includes infections; very hot or very cold weather; environmental allergens such as pollen, mold, dust, or pets; skin exposure to substances that can irritate the skin, such as many soaps and laundry detergents, body care products, and cleaning products. Even emotional stress can cause an eczema flare. Changing hormone levels may also trigger it, as can certain foods (whether or not you have a truly allergy to them).

The second natural approach that can be taken to treat eczema is the use of chemical-free moisturizers, emollients and oils to sooth the skin and deeply moisturize it, as well as protecting it from weather changes and irritants. When Ora’s Amazing Herbal was first launched, two of our first products were our All-Purpose Salve and Touchy Skin Salve. These were initially created by founder Ora Assayag to treat her own child’s severe eczema in order to avoid resorting to the antibiotics and corticosteroids suggested by doctors. Ora quickly discovered these salves were effective for the treatment of eczema and extremely dry skin, didn’t cause stinging for people with irritated and sensitive skin, and provided a protective barrier for people engaging in work or play that can irritate and dry out the skin, in addition to having many healing properties. They can be applied to a child’s exposed skin before going out into the cold or heat, used to treat rough, dry or irritated patches of skin, and can even be effective for cradle cap. Consider giving safe salves and healing oils a try before resorting to medical treatments that may cause as many problems as they solve.

Do NOT Put THAT On Your Skin!

Shea Butter

It seems intuitive that using natural and pure skincare and clean eating are the same thing. Everything that goes on your skin gets absorbed through your skin to your underlying adipose (fat) cells, to your blood, and from there to your whole body.

When I cook food, I do not add Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, or Propylparaben. When I shop at the store I read ingredients, and when I see things like yellow #5, which are known to accumulate over time in the body, I do not purchase those products.

For me, the same goes with skincare. So when formulating my new Ultra Healing Body Butter, it was a no-brainer to select ingredients that I want absorbed into my body.

Shea Butter
Shea butter is an all-natural ingredient made from the nuts of karite nut trees (Butyrospermum parkii or “butter seed”) that grow wild in the savannah regions of West and East Africa. I particularly love the addition of shea butter in this formula, for a few reasons. Obviously the way it feels and how well it works are the first reason. The next is its high nutrient density, vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids, to be specific. Shea butter can be used on babies and pets without any concerns, and feels delicious from the minute it goes on until hours later. It is often used for eczema, stretch mark preventions and minimizing, razor bumps, and plain ol’ dry skin and hair. Organic unrefined shea butter has a buttery texture and nutty scent, as well as an approximate SPF of 6.

Complementing organic shea butter with apricot kernel, castor, and my herbal infused base oil, gives me all the elements I could imagine wanting in a body butter.

I love to take a long hot shower or bath, scrub down, and then after drying off and body powdering, use my face serum and body butter. My skin is fed, I am a whole new me.

My skin is truly clean and happy. And so am I.

Oy! It’s Eczema And Allergy Season Again?

Herbal Skin Care - Ora's Amazing Herbal

A Time To Itch And Wheeze, A Time To Shmear And Breathe

In our house, the eczema comes and goes, just like the weather. Come to think of it, it comes and goes with the weather. When the flowers bloom and the temperature goes up, the sneezes and scratches are likely to follow. Here is what we do for the kids in our house that are prone to allergies, asthma, and eczema.

Try to avoid dairy and sugar. I know, it’s a bummer during ice cream season, but dairy is the #1 food sensitivity associated with both asthma and eczema. Sugar is a known irritant in addition to suppressing the immune system. The main real danger of eczema is infection, so we want to keep our immune systems strong.

Eat lots of veggies, the darker and more colorful the better. I don’t want to explain this one again any more than you want to read about it, so let’s move on, shall we?

Hydrate. Drink lots of water. Wet is the opposite of dry. In order to keep skin from getting dry it helps to keep the whole body hydrated.

Fragrance free everything. Even the green laundry detergent that we use that only has essential oils in it, can irritate our reactive ones when their systems are agitated. We switch to the unscented version for this season.

Essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. There are a million ways to supplement these nutrients, but the most important thing we have found is that consistency is the most important. We do a yummy real foods based chewable that the kids always come asking for that is very high in vitamin C and flavonoids. We also do a lemon flavored liquid cod liver oil. With 4 kids, we simply can’t keep any of the fancy chewable fish oil pills in stock! Just keep the bottle in the fridge and act like it’s the best treat in the world. Take some with them every time too to make it look good. We do this anti-inflammatory regimen year round but I really try to be more mindful to do it daily during this time.

Nettles (Urtica dioica) and licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) seem to be the two most important herbs in our house for this season. I buy them in bulk and keep a pitcher of iced tea sweetened with raw honey in the fridge and bring it out at meal time. I put about 2 cups of dried nettles (don’t touch with your bare hands, it stings) and 1/4 cup licorice in a 1/2 gallon mason jar of hot water. Steep covered for a few hours then strain, add a little raw honey or maple syrup and fresh lemon and chill. If it tastes too strong for you, you can always add water. Delicious and quenching.

Shmear them down. Doing a daily or twice daily shmear of all the areas prone to dry and irritated skin, really makes a huge difference. My bigger kids have their own jar of herbal infused salve, and I just make sure to remind them to shmear. My little one still gets the mommy spa treatment. Applying an herbal salve regularly gives the herbs a chance to work their magic so waiting for kids to complain doesn’t do anyone any favors. Just like you wouldn’t brush your teeth every three days and expect a good dentist visit, you have to be diligent with the shmear. Keeping both internal and external inflammation down requires maintenance. Make sure that whatever you use is free of those toxic parabens and/or petroleum based products.

So there you have it. Nothing ground breaking here, just a couple of good reminders on how to keep touchy skin happy during the weather change. Have a happy spring!

Ora Assayag loves creating simple and pure but effective concoctions for the skin, tummy, and soul. Ora’s Amazing Herbal, natural skincare for the whole family.

– Ora Assayag, Ora’

Our little one loves her Touchy Skin Salve
Our little one loves her Touchy Skin Salve

Easy Immune Support You Can Afford

Easy Immune Support You Can Afford


With these weather changes everyone is talking about immune support for their kids. To flu shot or not to flu shot, elderberry $$$$yrup, probiotic$, no these are not typos. Have you ever tried to give a family of six a meaningful dose of elderberry syrup long enough for it to be preventative? Or good quality probiotics for everyone daily? Well, if you have, then you know how outrageous it can be. Eat lots of fresh and fermented veggies, and fruits and whole grains or no grains and lots of meat or no dead flesh you murderer! Well here is one immune support recipe that will not break the bank and will make you feel nourished, well and wholesome.

1 large mason jar (I use 1/2 gallon)

About 2 heaping cups organic stinging nettles (yes they really sting a little, try not to touch them, but don’t worry the tea doesn’t sting, weird huh?)

About 2 heaping cups organic oatstraw

Good clean fresh water

Fresh lemon (to taste)

Raw honey (to taste)

Do it in the morning before work (make tea, you perv) or while the kids are at school and when they come home they will know you have been thinking about them all day. It’s simple, but you have to buy some organic nettles (I buy it  online loose in bulk by the pound) and organic oatstraw.

Fill a large mason jar about 3/4 full of a 50/50 mixture of the herbs. The amount of herbs you use depends on the mason jar you are using, just mix them up and then fill the jar about 1/2 – 3/4 of the way. Pour boiling water in to fill the jar and cover to steep out on the counter for a bunch of hours, till you come home or whatever. If I am leaving a hot mason jar out I like to leave a pot holder or some kind of indicator on the jar so no one goes to pick it up and get burned. Handy little tip, or neurotic obsessive behavior? You decide.

Strain the tea, add some raw honey and lemon. You may need to dilute it with more water if it’s too strong. Keep it in the fridge. It’s good for days as long as you strain it all when it is done steeping.

My 9 year old son who is used to taking herbs said, “It tastes strange. But good. It’s strangely good. It feels good to drink it.”

“It’s Quenching” I said.

“Yeah, it’s quenching.” He’s so cute.

Why does this work? There are a few ways to help the immune system. Supporting the gut is one very effective way. One way to support the gut is to help reduce the inflammation in the gut so your whole body isn’t too busy cleaning up inflammatory shmutz all day and can absorb nutrients for the immune system to use to do its job. Another way is to provide adequate and easily absorbable minerals and nutrients for the gut to absorb so that the immune system can have the tools it needs to do its job. Nettles has been shown to help intervene in pathways of inflammation. They also have lots of minerals in them. Oat straw also has lots of minerals (think electrolytes) in it, and supports the gut, is known to reduce indigestion problems and soothe the nervous system. Crazy nervous system means exhausted immune system. I don’t have to explain that one right? It’s intuitively true? If not I will explain it, but not tonight, I have dishes waiting. Anyway, oat straw probably helps soothe the nervous system in part because it is such a good source of calcium and magnesium. Also for reasons yet to be shown in studies and probably because that just is its identity. It is soothing, comfy and cozy like oats are.


Anyway, the point is, when the kids come home and see a pitcher of tea with honey and fresh lemon waiting for them, they feel special. They feel cared for. The laundry can be dirty, dinner can be leftovers, they already feel tended to. And that is what I am all about. Making my kids feel loved, with minimal effort. Plus we snuck in some herbal immune support and nutrients. Job well done.


Ice Cream for Breakfast?!

I just gave my kids ice cream for breakfast!

What kind of nutritionist are you, you ask?

Check it out:

As usually, be forewarned, all quantities are guesstimates, but are actually surprisingly accurate. 

  • one bag frozen organic strawberries 
  • one bag frozen organic berry mix (cherries, blueberries, raspberries) 
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 
  • 2 Tablespoons maple syrup
    (You can always increase this if it doesnʼt come out sweet
    enough, but donʼt underestimate the suggestive power of a frozen fruity treat, especially with the vanilla aroma. Try it with just a little sweetener first, less is better for the immune system and so on.) 
  • 2 cups organic plain yogurt.
    (I use dairy yogurt but you can use any kind of yogurt. If 
    you donʼt want to use yogurt, you can soak a cup of raw cashews overnight and put them in instead, adding water as needed to get the texture you want.)

Place all ingredients into your food pulverizing appliance of choice. Let it rip and then, when you think itʼs done, give it a few more minutes. You want it very creamy.


“Do all your kids eat this,” you ask?
Yes, and no. Feeding four children is proving to require some creativity when it comes to providing options.

I have one kid who only will eat one food at a time, but with very low predictability. For example, if I make rice and red lentils with greens, he may eat the lentils, may eat the rice or may eat the greens – but never all three. I have two kids who will eat all of it and one kid who will most likely not eat any of it and will cry that she is hungry but will refuse all options posed to her until I put her to bed with crackers.

No Iʼm not proud. Go figure.

So the breakfast “ice cream” option is great one because I can make one round, and then just rinse and repeat to make the custom orders. Two kids eat the above recipe, one kid will only eat it if it has mango only “and no other fruit,” and one kid will only eat it with strawberries, mango and/or cherries – but no blueberries. No worries, it stores well in the fridge, and never goes to waste.


Food pulverizing appliance choice considerations

When my kitchen is a total mess and I have no usable counter space, I just shove as much frozen fruit and yogurt into a quart size wide mouth mason jar as I can and use an immersion blender. Then I can just rinse off the wand and use the mason jar for serving and storing leftovers in the fridge. Itʼs easy clean up and can be done amidst even the highest levels of chaos.

This method, however, requires that you stay focused, keep all childrenʼs hands away, unplug the appliance every single time you put it down (even for a second) and excludes small children from helping with the funnest (I know this is not a word but itʼs the funnest way to say most fun) part of the whole thing. This is an important point because the more fun the food prep, the higher the chance of actual ingestion of any food.

I recently finally discovered that if I use a food processor,  I can make more at a time, and the kids can push the button. This is a plus, but requires a bit of counter space, and clean up involves a few more parts.

A blender would work too, but I find that it requires more fiddling and a little more liquid to get all the chunks processed. You donʼt want to add too much liquid because then it doesnʼt look like ice cream and you loose your key selling point.

So there you have it folks, ice cream for breakfast. Enjoy.

Nori Roll

Itʼs official. It was one of those days.

It rained all day. Our lip balm tubes decided they didn’t fit into our pouring trays, and after hours of shoving them in anyway, we realized that after we made it work, the caps would now be impossible to remove. 

Now we have to send the tubes back and it’s holding up production for at least a week. 

But regardless, the kids got hungry at dinner time. I tried to avoid this as much as possible by letting them snack on dried mango and whatever else they could. It didn’t work, though, so I heated up a big pot of chicken soup and experimental Gluten-Free kneidle I had made over the weekend. I have made very delicious GF kneidle before, but these were not it.

So they had some soup but were all still hungry. Which brings me to the point. How many last minute dinner ideas are in your cabinets?

Not enough, I bet.

Well, here is another one. Not totally guilt free, but actually not so bad. I always happen to have a pot of organic brown rice in the fridge. I probably make something that goes with rice at least once a week, so I always make a little extra. 

This way when everyone decides they want something else, we just make nori cones. 

The reason its so delish is the sauce. Now, the first time we had nori cones was at the local, awesome, Teaneck Fish Market, and the sauce was actually a complex and high quality teriyaki. This is not what I make. I just pour soy sauce and maple syrup into a bowl in about equal amounts,  sometimes I drizzle a little toasted sesame oil or olive oil in there too. Mix it up in a small bowl . Then make the nori roll.

All you do is take a sheet of nori – yes, the seaweed used to make sushi – and fold it in half so you have a rectangle. Then you roll it into a cone shape. Start with folding one corner in and roll. It may crack a little as you go but just ignore it. Remember, you are just pretending to make diner at this point but really you are just filing up those little tummies so you can get them into bed. Then while holding your nori cone, stuff it with rice, and spoon on some sauce.

My picky eater will eat 3 or 4 of these.

Now how bad is this as a dinner in the grand scheme of things? Nori is super packed with minerals, has some significant protein, anthocyanins, fiber and so on. Brown rice is at least whole grain, and gives them enough calories to make it to breakfast, has good B vitamins, and fiber and so on. Anyway, it’s no wacky mac, and it’s super quick and a sure bet in my house.

Warning: All quantities are estimates:

  • 1/4 C cooked organic brown rice
  • 1 sheet nori

(you will have some left over unless you let your kids have a party with it)

  • 1 Tablespoon soy sauce (gluten free if you need GF)
  • 1 Tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil 

Done! Bedtime!

Dinner: Cheaters’ Broccoli, 10-Minute Chili and More


We eat dinner every day. When I was exclusively a stay at home mom, I always cooked.

Some green leafy veggies, some protein source, you know the drill. I would start cooking at 2:00pm every day so I could put a nutritious whole food dinner on the table before meltdown time.

Now that I am working, I must admit that the standard has changed. Do I feel guilty? YES! Some days I cook and get such happiness watching my kids eat healthy food. All is right in the world on those days. Other days I work until everyone is melting down hungry and we boil some whole grain gluten-free or whole wheat noodles – depending on who has already filled up on dried mango or pretzels for dinner (aaaaah!). On those days, I have to make a decision to forgive myself; that being a mother is not only about food.

Today was the best of both worlds! Sure, the dinner was not all grown in the garden, but it was a delicious vegan, relatively well rounded meal that everyone loved and I seriously whipped it up in 15 minutes – no joke.

I was so impressed with the outcome I decided to post it. It fed all six of us nicely, with one kid taking the leftovers for lunch in a thermos.

Cheaters broccoli

Put oven on broil.

Open a bag of frozen organic broccoli florets.

Dump it on a baking sheet.

Drizzle a small amount of olive oil and good quality salt and mix.

Place in oven at bottom of oven, away from the flame – you donʼt want to burn the oil.

Let it roll for about 5 minutes depending on your oven. I like to let it brown a teeny tiny bit.

Dump into a bowl.

Put in a big spoon. 


10 minute chili (I admit I used canned beans and sauce but at least I didnʼt just order a pizza)

Everything is organic which is GMO free (supposedly) and BPA free cans so keep those eyebrows down all you crunchy yoga moms!

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

one large onion, diced as ine as you have patience for

pinch of good salt

2 cloves garlic, roughly sliced

3 cans organic black beans, drained sort of

1 can organic tomato sauce (BPA free can)

1 bag frozen organic corn 

2 Tablespoons organic molasses

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon sweet paprika

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon dried oregano 

[disclaimer: all spice measurements are estimates; I didn’t really measure]

Heat a large pot at medium, add olive oil, and onion. Stir every so often till transluscent.

Add garlic after onion gets translucent, let it go till onions are slightly browned but not burnt. Add everything else, stir every so often in between stopping to yell at kids to come set the table, and checking other kids homework, so nothing burns.

Cook till bubbly. Done.


Cut open avocados, cut into cubes, put in bowl. Sprinkle with a little good fine salt. 

Squirt some lemon juice. Mix.


Cube some nice fresh tomatoes. Put in bowl.

Sprinkle some garlic powder and tiny pinch of salt. Mix.


I served it with some taco shells and some whole grain wraps on the table so everyone could make what they wanted out of it. Itʼs a nondairy, gluten free, vegan meal but some kids ate it with cheese and some went and got some plain yogurt to garnish, which is nice for the probiotics.