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Sweet babies,

Cloth Diapering 101

For many parents, this COVID-19 pandemic means adopting a more frugal lifestyle. It also means being prepared for shortages in baby supplies (including disposable diapers) due to a fragile supply chain. These concerns join the many other reasons for parents to consider cloth diapering for their babies. Many moms and dads are saying goodbye to disposables because of the cost, the environment, or the appeal of having all those cute colors and designs on ...
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1 Every time you make your kids drink water, drink water. Hydration is key. 2 Every time you make your kids eat some fruit and veggies, eat some fruits and veggies. Your skin will thank you for the nutrients. 3 Every time you get your kids in to bed to make sure they get a good night sleep, get yourself into bed for a good night sleep. Say goodbye to having tired looking face. 4 Yeah right, ok fine, go for a nice brisk walk. Increasing your blood flow brings better color and ...
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Natural Eczema Treatment
Anyone with eczema can testify to the quick speed with which most doctors are ready to dispense prescriptions for steroid creams. However, an increasing number of people are turning a skeptical eye towards this conventional approach to treatment and questioning steroids’ safety. These creams are absorbed into the body through the skin. There are strict maximums on steroid dosages due to potential side effects, which children are particularly prone to. Although regarded by many as a benign ...
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Do NOT Put THAT On Your Skin!

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Shea Butter
It seems intuitive that using natural and pure skincare and clean eating are the same thing. Everything that goes on your skin gets absorbed through your skin to your underlying adipose (fat) cells, to your blood, and from there to your whole body. When I cook food, I do not add Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, or Propylparaben. When I shop at the store I read ingredients, and when I see things like yellow #5, which are known to accumulate over time in the body, I do not purchase those ...
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Herbal Skin Care - Our Work Desk - Ora's Amazing Herbal
I remember in smell, don’t you? My mothers kitchen when I was a kid. I smell mac n cheese when I smell my mothers kitchen in my memory, but then it drifts to chicken soup. My dog. That dog was such a lunatic dog. She used to jump the fence and go for a run and then just come on back whenever she pleased. We tried everything but she just was gonna go for a run. My babies, their sweet sweet heads, their stinky, funky folds. Someone told me today that my house is a good smell when you walk
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