Questions About Our Site

  • Is this site safe & secure?

Yes! We are SSL secured.

  • Do I need an account to place an order?

No, you can always checkout as a guest. You can create an account at any time if you choose to do so.

  • Is Shipping Free?

Yes for Orders over $50. Otherwise we charge for shipping.

  • Do you offer discounts, offers & specials on Ora’s Amazing Herbal products?

Yes, join our Mailing List! On the top right of our site is a simple sign-up.

  • Can I create a Wholesale account?

You sure can! Just apply HERE
Please allow 1 business day for approval.

  • Can I buy Ora’s Amazing Herbal in stores?

Yup! To see what stores we are in, click HERE.
Most of our store stocks are specific to the communities they serve, so most do not carry our complete line. We recommend asking your local store to carry any products you want that you do not see on their shelves.

  • I found a bug/error on your site. Who should I tell?

We do our best to keep the site in tip top shape but mistakes do sometimes happen. If you find something, please e-mail us at One of our team with take care of it as quickly as possible, and we will be super grateful to you for letting us know!

Questions About Your Order

  • How long does it take to get my order?

We ship orders within 1-2 business day of receiving them. The time it takes to receive them depends on the shipping method you choose.

  • What if my order comes damaged?

Email, call, or chat with us on the website, we will replace your order at no additional charge to you.

  • What is your Returns Policy?

Please see HERE

Questions About Our Company & Founder

  • What is Ora’s background and why is she so interested in natural and herbal skincare?

Ora holds a bachelor of science (BS) in biology from George Mason University, and a masters of science (MS) in nutrition from Bastyr University. She also has the experience of being a mother who has a holistic approach to family wellness. She is grateful to have healed from chronic illness by working on living and eating as clean as possible on this earth. Just like food, she sees skincare as an opportunity for healing as well as fun and creative expression. As a mom, she loves watching her kids eat nori, blueberries, and apples and enjoys watching them use salve for scrapes and bumps and her lip balm for dry lips. She does not however enjoy when they decide to polish the furniture with it. Ahem. Read more about Ora’s story HERE

  • Where is Ora’s Amazing Herbal located?

105 Cedar Lane, Unit 2, Englewood, NJ

  • Do you have a physical storefront?

We have a showroom/storefront at our Englewood facility. Come on by, we will walk you through the line and find your favorites.

Questions About Our Products

  • Are all of Ora’s Amazing Herbals skincare products natural?

It is difficult to define what the word natural means in the world of skincare. We use no water in our formulas so we do not need to use synthetic preservatives, other than vitamin E. We do not use chemical solvent extracted ingredients, only simple cold pressed oils, extracts and distilled essential oils. The most refined ingredient we use is non-GMO soy Vitamin E, which serves to extend the shelf life of our products. So to summarize, yes, we suppose our skincare is natural.

  • Are Ora’s Amazing Herbals skincare products organic?

Our products are not certified organic. Many of our ingredients are organic, all are indicated wherever ingredients are listed. We choose our ingredients on a case by case basis. For example, our grapeseed oil is non-GMO, and is sourced in Italy, where the standards and laws regarding use of pesticides are clean enough that we feel very comfortable with it as an ingredient. The more affordable cost of this ingredient means that we can choose all organic herbs to infuse into the oil and keep your price affordable. If you ever have any questions or concerns about any specifics, please do not hesitate to be in touch!

  • Do Ora’s Amazing Herbal products contain any animal products?

With the exclusion of beeswax, all of our products are vegan.

  • Are the products tested on animals?

When Ora develops a formula, she firsts tests it on herself, then her children, then other family and (human) friends…it is not tested on animals.

  • Do Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s products have preservatives in them?

We use non GMO vitamin E and essential oils to aid in preserving our products. We do not use any synthetic preservatives. You will notice that we do not make any emulsions such as lotions, because they can not safely be made without preservatives.

  • Do Ora’s Amazing Herbal products contain paraben, methylparaben, propylparaben?

We leave chemistry to chemists and herbal skincare to herbalists. In other words, no. We do not use any petroleum based ingredients.

  • Are Ora’s Amazing Herbal products gluten-free?

Yes but they are not meant for ingestion. Do not eat our skincare products.

  • What is the shelf life of Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s products?

Our unscented oil based products, such as Unscented Lip Balm, and our Touchy Skin Salve have a shelf life of about a year. Our Scented products, contain essential oils, which function as a natural preservative. They may last as long as 3 years, but we give it a year from when you open it to be on the conservative side.

  • How will I know if my Ora’s Amazing Herbal is no longer fresh?

Trust your nose. If it smells good, it is good, if it smells bad, replace it with a new one.

  • Is Ora’s Amazing Herbal packaging green?

We do our best to keep our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Some questions we ask ourselves when deciding on packaging are:
Is it recycled? Is it recyclable? Is it reusable? Does it use a lot of energy in production? Does its use support a green industry? (such as plastic recycling programs) Does it use a lot of energy to ship? Does it leach toxins into the product? Does it protect the product? We then make the best choices we have available to us.
We also are proud to say that we re-use packaging for shipping. In our 4 years shipping boxes to Amazon for sale, we have not once purchased plastic packaging pillows! We have a wonderful community of people who bring us their clean air pillows from shipments they have received, and we then re-use them. Every little bit helps.

  • Is Ora’s Amazing Herbal Made in the USA?

We make all of our products right here in our FDA registered facility in Englewood, NJ.

  • Are Ora’s Amazing Herbal products safe for use during pregnancy?

Ora would use all of her products in her own pregnancy. Since there are varying schools of thought regarding use of essential oils during pregnancy, she recommends consulting with your health professional before using any of her scented products.

  • Are Ora’s Amazing Herbal products safe for use on a baby?

Ora would never use any scented product on a newborn at all. Baby salve, is not scented and is safe for use. Newborn Salve is also unscented and is also coconut free and has only 2 herbs in the infusion, for a simpler formula. Baby Powder is not needed on a newborn, but on an older baby it is talc free and safe.

  • I am using your salve to treat a scar. What regimen do you recommend?

All of our oil based products are deeply infused with herbs that have been historically used for healing, so they all are great for scars. Here are some more specific suggestions though. Please bear in mind that Ora never intends to diagnose or treat anything. 🙂
After the initial injury is healed, and skin is not broken, we have had great results using RejuviCleanse Powder as a 5 minute mask/poultice on the inflamed area before showering and Touchy Skin Salve twice daily or Newborn Salve for a good coconut free scar salve.
Magic Face Potion does wonders on facial scars as well.

  • I have cracks on my heels. What do you recommend?

We have had great success using a pumice to cleanse our feet in the shower, a biweekly soak with any organic apple cider vinegar, and night time application of All Purpose Salve or Citrus Grove Body Butter protected by cotton or wool socks overnight. We have actually seen significant improvements with each of these individually but using a regimen of all of these combined we have had great success.