What is Ora’s background and why is she so interested in natural and herbal skincare?

Ora holds a bachelor of science (BS) in biology and a masters of science (MS) in nutrition. She also has the experience of being a mother who has a holistic approach to family wellness. She is grateful to have healed from chronic illness by working on living and eating as clean as possible on this earth. Just like food, she sees skincare as an opportunity for healing as well as fun and creative expression. As a mom, she loves watching her kids eat nori, blueberries, and apples and enjoys watching them use salve for scrapes and bumps and her lip balm for dry lips. She does not however enjoy when they decide to polish the furniture with it. Ahem.

What is the shelf life of Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s products?

Our unscented oil based products, such as Unscented Lip Balm, and our Touchy Skin Salve have a shelf life of about a year. Depending on how they are handled, they can last for shorter or longer time. For example if you leave your Touchy Skin Salve by a beautiful sunny south facing window, your salve is not likely to last more than 6 months before it begins to smell off. If it stays in a cool dark bathroom cabinet, it may last closer to 2 years.

Our Scented products, contain essential oils, which function as a natural preservative. They may last as long as 3 years, but we give it a year from when you open it to be on the conservative side.

Is Ora’s Amazing Herbal packaging green?

We do our best to keep our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Some questions we ask ourselves when deciding on packaging are:
Is it recycled? Is it recyclable? Is it reusable? Does it use a lot of energy in production? Does its use support a green industry? (such as plastic recycling programs) Does it use alot of energy to ship? Does it leach toxins into the product? Does it protect the product?