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give18Now when you give the gift of healthy skin, you can also include the gift of social responsibility. Enter code give18 at checkout and we will donate 18% of your purchase towards helping survivors of terror in Israel. Upon request, we will also include a note letting your giftee know that you participated in the GIVE18 program.

GIVE18 Ora Supporting Operation Embrace

Another terror attack in Israel.
We hear it on the news all the time,
When the news does not report it, we get reports from those who witness.
Another car explosion.
Another knife attack.
Another suicide bomber.
Another incited mob throwing boulders at cars on the road below the hill.
We get the news.
We shake our heads in dismay, we don’t have an answer.
We go about our day.
What else can we do? The world is a crazy place.
To be honest, I can’t even watch the news anymore.
I can’t watch the videos. I can’t see the images, hear the sounds.
There are those brave hearts who bear witness, but I am not that person.
Maybe if I was a, I don’t know, I have so many excuses.
If I was rich, if I was a doctor, if I was a reporter or a politician.
I could help. I could figure it out.
What can I do? I make herbal skincare. I bake bread. I raise my family.
As a kid I had big plans.
I will feed all the hungry children, I will build homes for everyone.
One time when I was young I turned on the TV and there was a telethon going on.
I called and pledged money I did not have. My mother started getting bills.
I wanted to help.
I still want to help.

I can not bring peace to the middle east.
But there are little things I can do.
Here is one.
Use coupon code give18 and we will donate 18% of your purchase toward Operation Embrace helping survivors of terror in Israel.
This will help provide support in the form of medical, dental and various types of therapy for rehabilitation needs.
What can I say? At least we are doing something.
Thank you.