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Help us get into Action to end hunger and homelessness in March.

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Did you have big plans when you were a kid? I sure did. In addition to winning gold medals in gymnastics and swimming (I was actually the slowest on my team), I planned to save the world. I would feed the children, find homes for the stray animals and of course clean up the earth. The plan was simply to just be a bazillionaire and be able to do all this because I had a money machine that just had to be in the back of my closet somewhere. When I got bigger, I was going to cut the back wall open and find it.

Fast forward a few years, things are not exactly the way I planned. I have not yet found that money machine, and if I had, well, I’d be in jail for using it! I am occupied running my business and taking care of my own family, which is supposed to be enough for now. But really, it isn’t.

So what can I do? There has to be something. Well, for March, it’s just a drop in the bucket really, but at least for this March, Ora’s Amazing Herbal is going to donate 10% of our website sales to our local Center for Food Action. They help local families eat and stay warm. I want to help them do that. I invite you to order some delicious moisturizing aromatherapy body oil, and some Rejuvi C Mask and Magic Face Potion, and I will donate 10% of your purchase. Stay tuned for more campaigns like this in the future as well. If you are not on my email list, please sign up now so I can notify you of anything else we do in the future.


Ora’s Amazing Herbal, because herbs (and people) are Amazing.

Thank you my fellow humans, and be well,



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