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Sweet babies,

Cloth Diapering 101

For many parents, this COVID-19 pandemic means adopting a more frugal lifestyle. It also means being prepared for shortages in baby supplies (including disposable diapers) due to a fragile supply chain. These concerns join the many other reasons for parents to consider cloth diapering for their babies. Many moms and dads are saying goodbye to disposables because of the cost, the environment, or the appeal of having all those cute colors and designs on ...
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Hand Sanitizer being labeled in preparation for a protest.
As we go out to fight for the health and safety of others, the OAHerbal team has a few important natural skin care tips we like to remember for our skin’s health and safety as well. 1. Stay hydrated. As the weather gets warmer, our skin loses water and electrolytes through sweat. It’s important to replace what you’ve lost (and then some) to keep skin cells hydrated. 2. Wear protective clothing. For optimal skin health, wear long sleeves, long bottoms, and a wide brim ...
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1% to the Center for Food Action

We are all in this together.

And while we may be walking the same path, we are not all wearing the same shoes. Some may have lost a retirement fund. Some may be losing their business. Others struggle to feed their families on a daily business. All of these are very deep and real struggles. At Ora's Amazing Herbal, we feel the hunger of children takes a top rank in the list of priorities. As moms, we want to help. We all rely on our communities in some way or another. Right ...
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Natural skincare, calendula salve, hemp salve, citrus grove body butter

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition affecting the skin. It causes the rapid build-up of skin cells, creating scaly, bumpy patches where skin cells can multiply up to 10 times faster. These patches are often found on the body, face, or scalp and can cycle through dissipating and flaring up. Psoriasis requires an accurate diagnosis from a qualified care provider, as it differs from eczema and other skin conditions, ...
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Hi All, We want to reassure you. Yes, life is crazy, the world is crazy, it’s all crazy, but we at Ora’s Amazing Herbal are just keepin’ on slow and steady. You know, like the tortoise from Aesop's Tortoise and the Hare. Here is how we are doing it… We shut down production for a few weeks when the first cases began to show in New Jersey so we could regroup and plan safe production. We are closely following the protocols of our health department and in an abundance of caution we ...
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