IN OUR FAMILY we hold the wisdom passed to us through nature with high regard and respect. So when our youngest child developed eczema severe enough for the pediatrician to recommend steroids and antibiotics, I began researching more natural and holistic solutions. Since I hold a masters degree in nutrition, I knew how to approach it from the dietary standpoint, and began avoiding the foods most likely to be aggravating her system. I also looked to my herbal medicine community for solutions.

After quite a bit of research involving consultations with master herbalists and plenty of reading, I put together an herbal blend to use in a salve. I then made my first batch of salve and found that not only did it work for my youngest child’s eczema, but it also worked amazingly for scratches we got in the garden, little burns we got in the kitchen, and dry skin we got from washing our hands so much. I was having so much fun with the salve that I made a second batch to give as gifts to friends, family, teachers, and so on. No sooner did I give out my last jar of salve, than did my daughter’s teacher ask if she could buy some more from me. She said that after being on her feet all day, it was the only thing that worked on her heels. Another person with severe dry skin and eczema told me that it was the first thing that she could use on her hands that did not sting when she applied it. She was also surprised at how well it worked. I wasn’t surprised that it worked. After all, wise healers have been depending on salves to deliver healing for many, many generations. I didn’t make this stuff up, it is ancient medicine.

Since then, we came up with a name, a logo, labels, a website, and so on. We have built our small family business out of making these products. I also developed eight flavors of lip balm, using the same herbal infused oil that I use to make salve. We continue to be committed to conducting our lives with respect and high regard for nature, and our environment. This translates into using no synthetic ingredients, using only organic and fairly traded herbs, and conducting our business ethically and with social responsibility.