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At Ora’s Amazing Herbal, we understand the need for truly unscented and fragrance free products. Many synthetic fragrances are endocrine disruptors, bronchial and immune irritants, and carcinogenic. We never use any synthetic fragrances for this reason. Sometimes even essential oils, although they have value for their aromatherapy and are natural and not synthetic, also should be avoided. There are those who are sensitive to scent, those who want to scent things themselves, and those who simply prefer to smell the intrinsic scent of the botanical ingredients they use. In the case of a newborn baby for example, scent can interfere with the precious breastfeeding relationship, as the baby uses her/his sense of smell to find the breast in the early months. We feel good about using ingredients that are of such high quality and are so close to their original state that their smell stands on it own.

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