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Firstly, yes, this is a dusting powder, or body powder without talc, corn, or any grain. Secondly to answer your question, we use it to add dry, fresh, softness to the skin wherever it collects moisture. Examples are under arms, bikini area and so on. We also use it instead of or after we apply natural deodorant, which, let’s face it, tends to be on the sticky side. Apply non-toxic deodorant, then powder down for no more stickiness and longer lasting anti-odor. We also use it to freshen up mid day before that meeting in the crowded room.

Warning: Blissful Earth Body Powder Scent with Lavender, Clary Sage and Vetiver may become addictive.
Environmentally responsible biodegradable tube container.

Arrowroot, Manihot esculenta

Natural Body Powder, Unscented