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Finally, an all in one, exfoliating, multitasking detoxifying face care product! You decide what your face needs today, it is your face after all. Use a small amount of water to make a rich scrub and exfoliate, use more water to achieve a thinner consistency to gently clean your face, or leave on to dry in the desired texture to use as a mask and draw out toxins and and oils.
Alternate RejuviCleanse, Rejuvi C Cleanser or Mask, and Squeaky Clean for a wider approach to healing and maintenance, or simply choose your fave. Follow with our Daily or Nightly serum/oil.
Our face care powders are all made with an organic herb base so that they promote health and healing by delivering nutrients through your skin while they cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify. Read our ingredients, they speak for themselves

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