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Herbal Face MasksWhy a powder scrub?Herbal Face Scrubs

The face scrubs my generation grew up with all were cream or gel based. Little did we know that they were chock full of parabens, petroleum derivatives and toxic preservatives. When bacteria, and fungal spores that are all present in the air are exposed to water, they have the opportunity to proliferate, or grow. This means that when a facial care product has water in it, such as in a water and oil emulsion, it must be preserved in order to prevent microbial growth, otherwise known as spoilage.

When I formulate my face care products, my first concern is that they work, but equally and uncompromisingly important is that they are non-toxic. I also take it one step further and say that my herbal facial care products promote health and healing. This way I can feel good about the energy I put into Ora’s Amazing Herbal, because it is a way for me to send some healing out into the world.

Our face scrubs and natural face cleansers are all made with an organic herb base so that they promote health and healing by delivering nutrients through your skin while they cleanse and exfoliate.

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Licorice Love, formerly Rejuvi-Cleanse,

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Little Minis, Lots of Love Gift Box

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