Natural Skincare New Mom and Baby Gift Set


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New babies and moms go through all kinds of skin changes. New baby skin has never even seen air before and new mama skin has a tremendous amount of adjusting to do! All of our baby products are as great at multitasking as a mother needs to be so go ahead and Baby Oil that new mama belly. Show your love and support with Moisturizing Baby Oil, Newborn Salve for cleaning, massage and diaper care, Ultra Healing Shea Body Butter (and stretch mark treatment), All Purpose Salve and all three scents of our Body Powder.

Note to moms: We recommend avoiding use of any scented products on a baby so please keep the aromatherapy products for yourself! (You deserve your own special things anyway!)

Like all of our products, these are also free of all the things.

Free of Talc, Corn, Gluten, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance.