Power Cleanse Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Mask & Scrub with Activated Charcoal


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Power Cleanse is the perfect exfoliating face care product. It is a powder that pours out of the bottle nicely into the palm of your hand so that you can add just the right amount of water to mix in your hand for the consistency you want. Your fate is now literally in your own hand! Based on your choice of consistency you will have a cleanser mask or scrub in your hand. Once you have the mixture in your hand you can apply it to your face and massage in a forward circular motion, the way you would any other face product. To use as a mask, simply leave it on for as long as you want for the desired effect. Rinse it off to feel the purest of clean.

This product is not preserved, keep water out of the bottle.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Free of Parabens, Lanolin, Talc, Synthetics, Gluten, Grains & Fragrances. Never Tested on Animals.