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Find The Perfect Meaningful Gift By Answering These 10 Questions

Natural Skin Care Gift Ideas The science is clear, giving gifts to others makes us happy. When we give, our brain releases endorphins and dopamine (feel good chemicals). When an occasion to give to someone I love rolls around, I feel like there is magic in the air (or maybe it’s just the happiness from […]

Bear a Better Beard and Keep it Kissable. Hint: Natural Beard Oil Helps

Beards have fallen in and out of popularity throughout the 2000s. Some years they’re “in” and some years they’re “out”; it’s honestly hard to keep track! Regardless, we’ve broken the stereotype that beards are unprofessional. A well-kept, soft beard certainly has its place in the workplace, but keeping it that way is easier said than […]

GIVE18 Ora Supporting Operation Embrace

GIVE20 - Ora Supporting Survivors Of Terrorism in Israel

Now when you give the gift of healthy skin, you can also include the gift of social responsibility. Enter code give18 at checkout and we will donate 18% of your purchase towards helping survivors of terror in Israel. Upon request, we will also include a note letting your giftee know that you participated in the […]