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Ora's Amazing Herbal
Got your attention didn't I? That gorgeous brilliant green in a setting of rustic homey and wholesome cast iron did it. Well I hate to tell you, this is no knock out recipe. Since our business has been growing, I have been finding myself taking the softer easier way when it comes to food prep. I suppose my background in holistic nutrition and whole foods preparation makes my easier softer way meal look like a gourmet meal compared to a Wacky Mac  kitchen adventure, but still I feel the ...
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Nori Roll

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Itʼs official. It was one of those days. It rained all day. Our lip balm tubes decided they didn’t fit into our pouring trays, and after hours of shoving them in anyway, we realized that after we made it work, the caps would now be impossible to remove.  Now we have to send the tubes back and it’s holding up production for at least a ...
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image We eat dinner every day. When I was exclusively a stay at home mom, I always cooked. Some green leafy veggies, some protein source, you know the drill. I would start cooking at 2:00pm every day so I could put a nutritious whole food dinner on the table before meltdown time. Now that I am working, I must admit that the standard ...
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