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Natural sunscreen do’s and don’ts. People keep asking me why I don’t sell a natural sunscreen. The truth of the matter is that I use my Nightly Repair Face Serum in the morning, and although I state no claims, it has enough natural SPF from the tamanu, carrot, and other oils that I don’t need any SPF on my face most days. (See below for citation on a study I found about SPF of tamanu). If I am to spend a day in full sun I use a lab tested, mineral based high SPF sunscreen from a ...
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What is a Salve?

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Pronunciation First of all, itʼs like tomato/tomahto or potato/potahto. Some people pronounce the “L” and some donʼt. OK? Now we have that out of the way. Definition A salve is simply a natural healing ointment. There are all different types of salve, basically depending on what types of ingredients are in it. Purpose Some salves are made to draw out toxins. Some are made ...
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