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Everyone Needs a Vacation!!

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I recently drove across the country to see my sister in New Mexico and my mother in Denver with my teenager. Yes, that's right. I voluntarily drove 5,000 miles with my teenager. With all the shutdowns and quarantines right now, I just wasn't sure when I would see my mom and sister next.. So, I decided to go on a little trip. We are very, very careful (both as a company and personally) with exposure risks. Since I was ...
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When I was in grad school, we always knew when the med students had anatomy and physiology cadaver lab. That day, the whole school stunk from formaldehyde. Even though there were a lot of precautions taken - since it was a school of naturopathic medicine - and there was a relatively heightened awareness of how toxins affect the body, the fumes would make their way across the campus.   I was pregnant that ...
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