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Hand Sanitizer being labeled in preparation for a protest.
As we go out to fight for the health and safety of others, the OAHerbal team has a few important natural skin care tips we like to remember for our skin’s health and safety as well. 1. Stay hydrated. As the weather gets warmer, our skin loses water and electrolytes through sweat. It’s important to replace what you’ve lost (and then some) to keep skin cells hydrated. 2. Wear protective clothing. For optimal skin health, wear long sleeves, long bottoms, and a wide brim ...
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Make Tea Not War

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I love autumn but I hate all the warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold confusion. It just wreaks havoc on our immune systems in this house. We have one kid with a cough, one kid with the sniffles, one who is exhausted and one who is, well he is a teenager. Finally today I declared war on seasonal change! And by war I mean I made tea. Here is what I made. All quantities are eyeball estimates of volume and not weight. The highly complex reason for this is that I am a busy woman and eyeballing ...
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Easy Immune Support You Can Afford image With these weather changes everyone is talking about immune support for their kids. To flu shot or not to flu shot, elderberry $$$$yrup, probiotic$, no these are not typos. Have you ever tried to give a family of six a meaningful dose of elderberry syrup long enough for it to be preventative? Or good quality probiotics for everyone ...
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